Tips on how not to be a compulsive buyer!

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Discussions on conscious consumption are present in all segments, from food to fashion. In short, it refers to methods that take care of the environment or cause less impact and also practices that encourage the development of local or disadvantaged communities around the world.

We, at MWSNIBIA are always reviewing the lastest products (Example Best Hammock 2017Best Shower Heads 2017) so you can make a conscious purchase and we prepared tips that help in the task of becoming a conscious consumer.

“Taking care of nature can also do well to your money. If is good for your money, it helps sensitize more people. In other words, whether by nature, social concern or respect for your own finance, it is important to become every day a more responsible citizen, a conscious consumer.”

Check out the our tips to avoid compulsive buying disorder:

1) Do not spend more than you earn – conscious and responsible consumption begins with respect to own your finances. The limit of spending should be your own income. Can`t you earn more? Then you have to spend less.

2) Learn how much you spend – If you don`t know how much you spend, you will always spend more than you can. Make notes. Control your expenses from time to time until you get used to doing it forever.

3) Insist on getting a receipt – it is more than a simple piece of paper. You ensure your rights in case of claims, helps fight tax evasion, to generate jobs, taxes, and to facilitate the control of your own accounts.

4) Know (and demand) your rights – Read the invoice, warranty term, validity controls, certification seals, good quality and good service are items for which you pay. Insist on it.

5) Control your budget – First, make a budget. It can be simple. Include all revenue and planned expenditure. Then make notes and compare the estimated values with the ones realized. Adjust over time. This item deserves orientation and continuous monitoring, but it is worth it!

6) Do not buy on impulse – planning and self-control are keywords. When going to the groceries, do shopping list. When buying clothing, buy what you need, not what the sellers say that looks good on you. Considered buying? Take another walk. Search. Compare. Negotiate. Value your money. Do you have any doubt about it? Do not buy.

7) Buy always in cash or debit – There are many reasons for this: better prices and conditions, better service … But the main reason is different: it avoids you to pay interest in credit card bills. Also, you will force yourself to buy only when you can pay for it.

8) Check the quality of products – The best way to preserve money is not wasting it. Sometimes you will have to pay more for a quality product, but it will last you longer, saving money on the long run. It can be tempting to save a few bucks now, but if the quality of the product is inferior, you will sure regret it later.
9) Be responsible with nature and the planet – Value products from certified vendors, that are low consumption, made from recycled or recyclable material. When disposing of such products, discard them correctly, especially batteries. Take advantage of discounts offered in establishments that discourage the use of plastic bags. Do your part.

10) Be responsible to society – When choosing a product or supplier, remember that behind the falsifications, informality and unknown origin products may hide crimes, slave labor, unemployment, disrespect for nature and human dignity.

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