Cheap Watch Winders of 2018 – The best watch winders when you are on a budget

Updated on May, 18, 2017.

Your Problem is solved when you are looking for the Best Watch Winders on the Internet or are looking for reviews about the top rated Watch Winders that are found today in the Market.

Now, a Watch Winder is something that you need to get when you have several expensive watches. You have the Personality of looking elegant through out the day and having a great watch on your wrist is an essential part. So, you accumulate certain or numerous Automatic Expensive Watches that you love the most. Now you will be wearing different watches every day and you won’t be wearing one watch the whole time so the rest of your watches when you have one on would be lying in your home, losing their elegance and significance gradually. This is where the specialty of the Watch Winder comes in. A Watch Winder or Watch Box makes sure that your Automatic Watch functions the same as you bought it in the start and has the same great look as it was new. With one Watch on your wrist, the other watches would be in the Winder making sure that those other Watches are still working great and are in the Best conditions. To keep your elegant Watches in place and to not lost their beauty, a Watch Winder Box is the answer to your call for the preservation of your Expensive and Elegant Watches.

A Watch Winder is a device that is used to keep your Automatic Watches which are also known as Self Winding Watches, running when not worn. Automatic Watches work on the mechanism or principle of winding themselves using a moving weight inside the Watch. The weigh that is inside this Automatic Watch swings or rotates while the Watch is worn and the turns the Winding mechanism inside the Watch. So, it for sure can be taken that If the Watch isn’t worn then It no longer receives the Power which doesn’t activate its Winding operations and will run down. While all of the Automatic Watches can manually be wound down but It’s not always convenient. So, here’s how the concept of an Automatic Watch Winder came into being.

A Watch Winder so then is a device that holds one or more than one Watch and moves in Circular Patterns or Motions to copy the necessary parts of Human motion to operate the Self-winding mechanism. A winder can not overwind a Watch as all of the Automatic Watches are being protected by a mechanism that disconnects the winding process when the mainspring is fully wound.

You don’t need to keep the watch in motion for the whole day or for 24 hours, just half an hour of motion of the watch is necessary to keep it properly wound.
You have to note that the watch winders are totally useless when it comes to the battery-operated quartz watches but the watchwinders do work for the special battery less quartz watches, for example Omega-Matic etc. There have been workings going on in the Watch Winders world that are making sure to operate the manual wind watches in the near future.

So, after all of the above information, you must be thinking If you need a Watch Winder. As said above, If you have some fancy expensive and luxurious automatic watches of which you wear one at a time then you for sure need to get a watch box. A best watch box makes sure that your automatic watches are intact whenever you have the urge to wear one of them.
Choosing a Watch winder can tedious and It can be tiresome as there are many watch winders available today and each one of them different and special from the other, makes the reader or the person confuse about the selection of a watch winder. You don’t have to worry as we have your back and you will not be disappointed by getting to know the Best Watch Winders here. Now, you might have some Automatic Watches. Some of them would be something that you wear frequently and some of them once in a while. If you have a watch that you almost never, just simply wind it every couple of weeks and let it run down and for the automatic watches that you wear mostly, a watch winder is the best answer to the call of keeping your watches at its fullest.

There isn’t just one type of Watch Winder available. Each one different from the other and has special qualities that one of the types doesn’t have. So, Let’s study the different types of watch winders that you might encounter when you are looking for watch winders. Here they are:

Functional Watch Winders Function watch winders are the kind or type that perform the duties of winding one or more than one watches. Generally, these watch cases hold the watch on the exterior of the device so they tend to need to be on the table top or tall shelf. Some of these winders have the capability of holding more than one watch.

Elegant Watch WindersThese winders offer a nice exterior and a nice form. Usually, these winders are a completely enclosed box which are often made of finished wood or covered in leather. They are suitable for display or are capable of fitting inside a drawer.

ExtravagantThese are the winders that have the state of the art technology and have the qualities that the other winders don’t have. They have heaters to keep the watch near body temperature, built-in storage drawer and atomic clock synchronized time displays. So, these winders have all the qualities that a person would need for their automatic watches.

So, all of the above information gives an insight over what a watch box formen is and how do they work and the benefits that a user can get from them. With all of that being said, Let’s move on to another step that would open the door for the Best Watch Winders you can have.
Let’s get started then.

Cheap Watch Winder of 2018:

[Newly Upgraded] Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder

The Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder is a great Watch Winder that serves your need at its best.

[Newly Upgraded] Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder

This watch winder is fitted with the Japanese Mabuchi Motor which is known to be one of the quietest motors available in the Industry. So, not only will you be getting precise winding but there won’t a lot of unwanted noise. There are number of settings that are available so that you are precisely able to get the number of Turns Per Day that are required for your particular watch of particular brand. The motor of this winder is also capable of 3 directional winding settings of clockwise, counter clockwise or multidirectional just to provide you with accurate movement to keep the watch wound perfectly It has the ability of meeting the highest standards of performance without making a sound or a noise. It has a great design and a luxurious look that has a compact plastic design with a black body and a crystal clear cover. There is a Blue LED that indicates when the winder is in motion or is on but some people have complained that the light is irritating or distracting.
If you want to use this watch box for larger watches, It comes with a watch pillow. When you have a luxurious automatic watch, most people tend to fear that their watch will over wind their watch causing harm to their internal mechanisms, there is nothing like that with the Versa Watch Winder as this winder tends to rotate without any pattern or at irregular intervals making a close clone of the motions when the watch is on your wrist. So, you can make sure that your watch will wound precisely when it’s in the Versa watch winder without causing any damage to the internal mechanisms of the watch.

The Versa Watch Winder with its features is for sure one of the best watch winders available today in the Market.

Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder in Black

Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder in Black

The newly updated Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder is the best choice for those People that need an automatic watch winder for a low price, something that gives them precision and accuracy and without harming the watch is the answer to their call of getting an automatic watch winder. Instead of getting two automatic watch winders that winds two watches in each, get this watch winder and wind two watches at the same time.

Despite being capable of holding and winding two watches, Versa has made sure that the best watch box when operating doesn’t make any sound or noise so you can have the winder in your room without it disturbing you.

This winder has three options for direction settings which are clockwise, counter clockwise and bi-directional or multidirectional and has four setting for Turns Per Day which are 360, 650, 850 and 1050. Depending on the settings, the winder turns for a few minutes before taking a break or pausing for a while and then again the cycle repeats.

It runs on a Single Japanese Motor which means that both of the watches are wound at the same settings. This is usually not a problem for most people.

This is one of the best rated watch winders found today which costs a very low price and works efficiently. Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder is the one for you when you are looking to get a winder for a low price and something that does its job perfectly.

CHIYODA Wood Single Watch Winder

CHIYODA Wood Single Watch Winder

The Chiyoda Watch Winder is one most beautiful winders available today. Its design and its features are something that adds more charm and beauty to its look and specifications.

It has a display glass that is highly transparent and doesn’t break or scratch easily.

It is a handmade and high quality Japanese watch winder that competes with other great winders and this one for sure is an amazing one. The motor of this single watch winder is belt driven and has Japanese Mabuchi Motor that we all know runs in silence with no noise. So getting disturbed with the winder being on shouldn’t be your problem as the Motor is noise free and doesn’t make any noise.

There is a watch pillow in the winder that is soft and adjustable which is fitted to provide support and protection for watches of large sizes. There are several program settings available in the winder. There are 4 modes in the winder which are called as Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3 and Mode 4. The Mode 1 (1440/TPD), 6 minutes clockwise rotations which is followed by a resting period for 30 minutes, Mode 2 (1440/TPD), 6 minutes of counter clockwise rotations followed by a resting period of 30 minutes, Mode 3 (5760/TPD), 20 minutes of clockwise rotations which is then followed by a resting period of 10 minutes and then 20 minutes of counter clockwise followed by a resting period of 10 minutes. The Mode 4 of the settings has 2152 Turns Per Day and has ten minutes of clockwise rotations, followed by ten minutes of counter clockwise rotation and then repeated for three hours and then a rest interval of nine hours and then the whole process is again repeated.

As it is obvious from the above modes that the Chiyoda Wood Watch Winder has 3 winding modes which are Clockwise, Counter Clockwise and Automatic Multidirectional. These Different motions ensure the preciseness of the rotating positions and the Turns Per Day.

The Body of the watch box is fabricated with some high quality wood which gives the winder a charming look, a glossy wood whose looks you would cherish for sure.
The winder can be run or can be operated with both batteries and AC. In addition to this, there is a inclusion of 100-120v AC adapter.

JQUEEN Double Watch Winder

JQUEEN Double Watch Winder with Quiet Japanese Mabuchi Motor

The JQueen Double Watch Winder has shocked and surprised most of their users because of its operations or its operating. You don’t get such great operating device for a low price but the JQueen Watch Winder made it possible.

It is a handmade Japanese Designed Double Automatic Dual Watch Winder which weighs around 4.2 lbs. One of the great features of this winder is that It runs quietly and smoothly. There are no disturbing noises of the winder when its operating which means that Its motor is a quite and a powerful one. It has a battery and power outlet supply options. It has 3 directions settings of Clockwise, Counter Clockwise and Multidirectional. There are four program modes and there are three direction settings, along with this, there are multiple Turns in a day settings. It has a dust proof feature which is noted by most of its users and they liked it. The watch functions well while it’s in a storage.

The four program modes are as follows:
Mode 1- 2 minutes of Clockwise motions and then resting period for 6 minutes, repeat.

Mode 2- 2 minutes of Counter Clockwise motions and then rest for 6 minutes, repeat.

Mode 3- 2 minutes of Clockwise motion and then a resting period of 6 minutes, then 2 minutes of Counter Clockwise motion and then rest for 6 minutes, repeat.
Mode 4- 5 minutes of Clockwise motion, 5 minutes of Counter Clockwise motion, repetition of the above for 3 hours and then rest for 9 hours, repeat.

JQueen for sure provides the best facilities when it comes to winding your watches for a price that you can afford. So, It shall be on your list when you are hunting for the best watch case.

Diplomat Single Burgundy Watch Winder

Diplomat Single Burgundy Watch Winder.

Presenting the great and one of the great single watch winders available in the Market today, Diplomat Single Burgundy Watch Winder.

The Diplomat Single Burgundy Watch Winder will work with any kind or sort of automatic watch. So, this winder would keep your automatic watches ready to be worn whenever you want. The compact and the economical design with its charming look makes it look great If you have the winder in your bedroom or anywhere else. It won’t look bad anywhere in your home. It has a built in Smart IC Timer for all kinds of Automatic Watches that makes sure that whenever you are in the need of wearing the watch, It’s ready for you. The Built in Smart IC Timer controls the winder which makes sure that the winder rotates for 1 hours and rests for 3 hours.

You don’t have to worry about the detaching of the Watch from the winder because of the adjustable watch mounting system that makes sure that your watch is mounted enough for the winding.
The Worlds Finest Watches such as Rolex, Movado and many others use Automatic Movements and so getting a watch winder is kind of compulsory when you need to have your watch working fine and its best. So, This Single Watch Winder is the one for you as It doesn’t cost much and It almost has all of the same features that the expensive watch winders have.

Have this on your list when you are looking for single watch winders.

CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder

 CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder LCD Digital Screen with Two Quiet Mabuchi Motors.

CHIYODA came up with another great watch winder but this time It has the feature of winding two watches as it is a Double Watch Winder. Chiyoda is one of those companies that have made great watch winders that the users are loving till date.

You won’t have any problem or hardships when It comes to operating this CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder as This watch box can be operated simply by pressing the LCD screen buttons and It will wind your watch automatically and gently. It comes with a LCD Display Screen with Backlight and a large clear transparent window.

It has a Mabuchi Belt Driven Motor System which is an extremely quiet motor that makes sure It doesn’t make any noise while operating and the plus point of this motor is that, that you get to wind two watches at the same time.
In order to satisfy your personal needs, you can have Different Winding Directions and Turns Per Day Mode Settings. The outstanding performance of this watch makes sure that your watch functions accurately. The interior of the winder is insulated with velvet decoration to eliminate magnetization which causes harm to your watches. The exterior of the winder is made of Environment-friendly wood. The different winding options this winder has can wind your valuable and expensive watch properly and keeps your time accurately. There is a pillow in the winder that can be adjusted accordingly to your needs. There are 4 kind of Turns Per Day which are 650, 900, 1350 and 1800 and 3 winding directions which are either Clockwise, Counter Clockwise or Multidirectional. Its Digital LCD screen adds another star to the design of CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder.

With all of its features and look, It is for sure one of the nice looking winders today.

Versa Quad Watch Winder in Black

 Versa Quad Watch Winder in Black

Versa presents the great watch winding products to the People of this World and so they are presenting the great Quad Watch Winder and that too is available in Black so you can imagine the kind of great look this winder has.

The Versa Quad Watch Winder has four settings that are either Clockwise, Counter Clockwise or Multidirectional. There are 4 settings for Turns Per Day which are 350, 650, 850 or 1050.

The watch winder will turn for roughly 5 minutes and then the resting of the winder varies depending on the setting you have chosen. This cycle of the winder repeats while the winder is on.
Another great feature this winder has that the winder is programmed not to turn continuously which will prevent your watch from over winding. For improved performance, the Versa Quad Watch Winder has the great Japanese Mabuchi Motor which is known for its noise free operation. You can see that this Winder is a Quad one, so there are 4 winders in one device. Now you control settings of each winder and have it adjusted to your own preference. You have the choice of setting different winders on different settings or options.
If you have a watch of a large size and want to wind it then It won’t be a problem too as This winder comes with Spring Action Pillow that is made and put there to support various watch sizes with additional adapters to fit watches of larger sizes. The interior space of the winder is another thing to notice. It has the capability of storing large or oversize watches. So, your watch with any size can be wound with this watch winder. You for sure won’t have a problem with. The power adapter of the winder that comes with it is of 110-240V and the company gives you a 1 year warranty.

Winding multiple watches gets easy by using this winder.
It sure should be on your list.

Kendal Double Automatic Wood Watch Winder

 Kendal Double Automatic Wood Watch Winder

If you are looking for Double Automatic Watch Winder then you might consider having a look at this Kendal Double Automatic Wood Watch Winder because this might be the one that you are looking for.

The winder runs smoothly and pretty low and is powered by an AC adapter but you can operate this winder with batteries too. The winder has the space to wind two watches accurately that makes this winder pretty special.

The outer look or the exterior of the winder is a classy one and is a high gloss finished produced by hand polishing, that makes it pretty comfortable to put it anywhere at your place and It for sure won’t look bad.

There are three mode of fuzzy-logic computer controlled winding that you can select from. Each one making sure that your watch is wound perfectly and accurately. Now, there is another benefit to this winder. There is a frontal compartment where it is possible for you to store another three watches. If you are travelling and you are in dire need to lock your watches then that can be done with this too as you can lock the winder via a locking device and make your travelling stress free regarding the safety of your watches. The base of the winder can rotate just for the reason that you are able to access the watches easily. Motor of this winder doesn’t make any noise and operates pretty easily. There are no noises made by this winder and you can trust it on this.

Users of this watchwinder are pretty happy of buying this one and this says that this one of the best ones available. However, It is said that this winder is quite large. Except for the size of winder, there are no other cons related to it.
This winder serves your purpose of winding your watches pretty accurately.
Kendal Double Automatic Wood Watch Winder for sure should be on your list when you are hunting for a winder that can hold two watches.

WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder

 WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder

Wolf first released this great watch winder to fulfil the people need for a watch winder that could wind their great watches accurately and precisely and something that could offer quality performance and operation.

The design of the WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder is an attractive one and has a glass cover.
It too has the Mabuchi Motor that is known for its silent operation. This motor works pretty well without any making noise so you won’t be disturbed with the winder making noises or anything. Working without any noise is the best quality of the Mabuchi motor.
The Gears of the winder are made up of Nylon to ensure the silent performance performed by this winder.

The Rotation Options of this watch winder box consist of irregular rotations with pausing and resting phases pre-programmed into the rotation program to provide you a great winding experience.

There is a Watch Cuff in the winder that has been included as a part of the new design of the winder which ensures, larger heavier watches can be used to wind. It has the capability of accommodating watches with a wrist size of up to ten inches.

The Quartz Eye in the Winder is used for counting rotations ensuring accurate performance of the winder.

Customers of the WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder are pretty happy with the purchase of this Winder and there hasn’t been any serious issues faced by them. However, one of the customers thought that the case of the winder was too large.
Other than this, There are no issues related to this Winder that the users of this winder have brought up.
By looking into its design and feature, It for sure is one of the best winders available in the market.

Diplomat Single Black Watch Winder with Built In IC Timer

Diplomat Single Black Watch Winder with Built In IC Timer

The Diplomat Single Black Watch Winder is another great one from the Diplomat company and It as usual ensure the accurate winding of your Automatic Watches. If you are looking for some of the best single watch winders then you might have a look at this one as It serves your purpose of winding pretty accurately.
This watch winder comes with a Built-in Smart IC Timer that is made for all kinds of Automatic Watches and keeps your automatic watch wound and ready to be worn whenever you feel the need to. You don’t have to worry If an expensive watch such as Rolex or Movado would get over wind with this winder because this winder has the mechanism that prevents your watch from over winding. Don’t worry about it at all. The silent motor of the winder is another thing to notice. You don’t want buzzing noise whenever you turn the winder on, right? Well, this winder makes sure that you don’t have trouble with the winder when it turns on, it makes no noise and works in absolute silence. The Built-in Smart IC controls the winder so that it rotates 1 hours and rests for 3 hours. Their adjustable watch mounting system is a great one. It ensures that your watch is mounted at the enough level for winding and also that your watch doesn’t get detached. The winder weighs around 6.56 ounces.
By having a look at its features and design, It is safe to say that this winder is one of the best ones in the world of single watch winder and surely is among the best watch winders found today.
Make sure that you have the Diplomat Single Black Watch Winder on your list when you are hunting for one.

WOLF 270402 Heritage Double Watch Winder with Cover and Storage, Black

WOLF 270402 Heritage Double Watch Winder with Cover and Storage

Are you looking for one of the best watch winders on the market? If yes, the Heritage 270402 from WOLF is sure to be your best bet. For starters, this watch winder features a very classic design, and it also has a patented watch cuff that’s sure to fit larger heavier watches. So you can conveniently store your Rolexes or other watches with ease.

Another thing you’re sure to love about the WOLF 270402 is the rotation program it features. This is an innovative feature, and the innovation has to do with the intermittent rotation coupled with programmed sleep and pause phases; in other words, the watch won’t be winding continuously. Moreover, the pre-programmed sleep and pause phases make the winding natural since it’ll likely resemble the natural winding action that would take place if the watch is on your wrist.

Also, the device can be powered by an adapter or batteries; you just have to stick to the energy source that tickles your fancy. To sum it up, the WOLF 270402 comes with chrome finishes on the clasp closures and control knobs. It also has an elegant black faux leather exterior finish that you’re sure to love. The glass cover adds more life to the overall look and also allows you to take a look at what’s going inside the box. It’s super silent operation is also a big plus!


  • It’s very easy to set up
  • The style is elegant
  • Operation is silent
  • The sleep and pause phases are very handy


  • No significant cons


The World is moving ahead, taking steps every day in every field or area today, only with the help of technology. So, the watch companies came up with automatic watches and they brought out or invented watches only for the People of this World. If you still don’t know about the operating of an Automatic Watch Winder then you should continue reading.

Watch winders are devices that keep your watch wound and accurate as most of the watches sold today have the technology that allows the watches to be self-winding. This means that the watches of today’s generation has the ability to self wind themselves based on the motions of your wrist. Wearing the watch on your wrist and Its movements makes sure that your watch is wound and works perfectly accurate. However, you wouldn’t be wearing one watch all the time so for this reason, the invention of automatic watch winders came into being and they were brought out so that the automatic that you don’t wear frequently are wound whenever you had the urge to wear them.

The Best Automatic Watch Winder makes sure that your watch is wound whenever you wanted to wear it which means that the winder makes an almost exact replica of the motions of your wrist making the watch to be wound. This is why having an automatic watch winder is useful and especially for those that love to have automatic watches.

You might now be thinking that what if your watch is over wound and your watch gets some problem, right?
Well there is nothing like to fear about or to be afraid of. All of the watch winders found today have the mechanisms that ensures that your watch doesn’t get over wound. The mechanism of the winder which it operates on is of a certain nature that makes sure your watch doesn’t get over wound. So, don’t worry about it all.
With all of this being said. Let’s us give you some tips over How to choose a Good Watch Winder, you for sure will be needing it whenever you are in search for a watch winder. So, here are some tips-

Design- Whenever you are looking to buy a watch winder, the question about the design of the winder is the first one that you should ask yourself as every watch winder might be a classy and an attractive one but there are specifications that are change from the others such as If you want to have your winder in your Bedroom or besides you then you are safe with the winders that get operated with cables but If you are travelling or If it’s in your car then you definitely need the one that can operate with the batteries.
So, you have to rule out which one you would be needing and have the one that suits your need the best and suits your nature.
There are winders that can only be operated with a cable and then there are the ones that can be operated with batteries, the one with the batteries are the ones that are suitable for Travelling.

Secondly, watch winders come in different shapes and different sizes, most notable they are covered or closed which is a question of safety actually. If you have an expensive watch and there is no cover to protect it and there might be some accident with the watch or something might happen with your watch. You don’t want to lose your precious watch, right?
So, this another thing that you need to look for whenever you are in the market to buy a watch winder.

Material- The Material of the winder isn’t an important one but there are different tastes of everyone and everyone buy things according to their personality. There are three kinds of winders that are available, talking about the exterior of the winder. There are winders that have wooden exterior, then there are the ones that have Metal exteriors and then the ones that have Plastic and lastly there are winders that have leather on their exteriors.
So, search for the one that suits your personality and your choice.

Noise- The Noise of the winder is another thing to look for. Don’t think that the winder would be noise free, there for sure would be some noise of the motor and gears which is a part of their mechanical process but the high profile companies that offer watch winders tend have low noise winders. So, do have a look at this whenever you are looking for a watch winder.

With all the above information given to you (our watch box reviews), we have fulfilled our duty of giving you all of the adequate information about buying a watch winder and for sure will be thanking us for giving you all of the information about some of the Best Watch Winders available today. Protection Status

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