Best Sandwich Maker Reviews 2018

No more wandering on the Internet when you are looking for the Best Sandwich Makers because you are at the right place. Right here, you will be getting everything that you need to know about a Sandwich Maker and some of the Best Toasted Sandwich Makers that there are in the Market. So, let’s get started then.

A Sandwich Maker is something that you need to have when you need to some healthy and tasty food instantly. Everyone is so busy in their daily routines that they just don’t get the time to cook food for themselves so what do they do then when they are in need of food that can be served quickly? They get a Sandwich Maker that can give them delicious sandwiches just in time and quickly. If you are here, it certainly means that you are in for buying a Sandwich Maker but you will have your doubts and thoughts about it and you are troubling yourself with going here and there in the World of the Internet, looking to get some reliable and authentic information about the top rated Sandwich Makers. Don’t worry about it as you won’t have to surf the internet for Sandwich Makers as we are providing you the information that is going to make you decide which Sandwich Maker is best for you. So, just hold on and keep on reading, there is much more to come.

Sandwich is something that is globally acknowledged and loved. Everyone love Food and when they hear the word “food”, there comes the desire and the temptation to have something tasty and to be eaten instantly, the answer to your call of eating a great, tasty and healthy food is the Sandwich. The great thing about Sandwich is that you can have Sandwiches of almost anything, there are recipes available that guide you and tells you to make the kind of Sandwich that you are in need of or want to. So, different tastes and different sandwiches, everything can be achieved with a sandwich maker. You for sure will be having the mouth-watering feelings and temptation while reading this, all you have to do is just hold your horses when you are thinking to buy a Sandwich Maker because as we go ahead there are going to be the Sandwich Makers available for you and you can then easily decide which one’s the best for you.

Sandwiches are quite easy to prepare and doesn’t get that much of hard work or the struggle that you need in order to prepare dinner and it is termed as “easy food on the go” and is much more useful for those that are always on the run, always going here and there.
There are tremendous amount of recipes available for Sandwiches. For example Sandwiches that are made of Fresh Vegetables which are Rich in Vitamins with less fat can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There are much more benefits to having a Sandwich which makes it one of the best and the most loving food in the world.

The World has changed and with its changing it doesn’t have left out other things too, everything with it has changed and in this case Sandwich Makers have changed too. You don’t get the hassling of  flame or coal while making Sandwiches. Sandwich Makers now are electric. All you have to do is just get the breads ready, the ingredients of the Sandwich ready, place them in the Maker and just press the button. With in a minute, you get the exotic tasty Sandwiches that you have desiring to eat.

The Best Sandwich Maker for you would be the one that on top of all serves your needs, you need for the Sandwiches to be and their taste.

Now you might be thinking that which one is the Best Sandwich Maker for you as there are many manufacturers that produce quality sandwich makers and you would be confused in deciding which one to get. You surf all over the internet, read different reviews and it gets much more trouble or headache to be precise. To save you from all of the tiresome, we have gathered some of the best sandwich makers that are available out there for you to be bought. Just read them and you will have the decision about the Sandwich maker that you are going to buy.

While you are surfing the Internet for the Sandwich Makers, you will be seeing and reading different types of Sandwich Makers that too can confuse you. So, to make everything easy for our great readers, we have gathered some information about the types of Sandwich Makers. Here they are-

Types of Sandwich Makers

Mainly, there are three types of Sandwich Makers which are as below:

Open Fire Based Sandwich Makers- These are the sandwich makers that can be used with open fires. As the name tells you much about the maker, it is made up of solid cast iron. These are quite old types of devices that are existing since 1964.

The ones that can be used with gas- Then there is another type of Maker that can be used on gas, ceramic and electric hobs.

Electric Sandwich Makers- The Electric Sandwich Makers are the best Sandwich Makers so far. They use an Electric Power source to operate and are massively popular these days.

So, If it comes to us and recommending you the type of Sandwich Maker from the above would be the Electric ones.

The Electric Sandwich Makers when compared to the other types are the best and the efficient ones that you will find today as they offer more convenience and are safe. There is no need to worry about fire or smoke, the reason that its electric keeps your kitchen clean and safe. A minor disadvantage that these makes have that they aren’t ideal for outdoor use since they need electrical source to function or to operate. Other than this, the Electric Sandwich Makers are the best ones for you to use.

Now, there are different brands and electric sandwich makers for you to buy so we have gathered some of the best ones so that you can make a great decision. Let’s get started-

Best Sandwich Maker 2018 Reviews:

Proctor Silex 25408 Sandwich Toaster

Proctor Silex 25408 Sandwich Toaster

The Proctor Silex 25408 is a premium sandwich maker by Hamilton Beach and is for sure one of the best ones for you to buy as it serves your sandwich needs the best.

It has a durable, so you don’t have to worry about the spoiling and easy to clean non-sticking cooking grid. The non stickiness of the grid is another advantage to the sandwich maker because sometimes with use the toast or the bread gets attached to the toaster or the maker. You definitely would love this toaster or sandwich maker because of its use. It contains an indicator that shows when the maker is on or when it is preheated. Some sandwich makers are large while this maker have a small size that makes it easy for the user to put it anywhere without taking larger space. The Perfect results that it gives have made the consumers or users of this maker to love it more and more.

This breakfast sandwich maker provides even temperature from edge to edge making sure that your sandwich is perfectly and is perfectly ready for you to be eaten. Space saving and costing less is one of the best things about this maker as you almost get everything that the expensive sandwich makers give you with a low budget. So, with it being economical and with it being space-saving device, it for sure is the best ones out there. In a short span of Time, you will have mouth-watering sandwiches.

When you turn on the sandwich maker, the indicator turns yellow, so you know that the maker is on. Once the temperature has reached its suitable range, the indicator turns green that gives you the indication to put the food in place. During the cooking process, you will be seeing that the indicator light turns on and off which is totally normal and you don’t have to worry about it.

The Proctor Silex 25408 Sandwich Toaster has everything that ables you to make tasty sandwiches and because of its features and low price, it for sure is one of the best ones.

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Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

We all know that mornings can be hectic and therefore you definitely would be in need of something that can make you energetic, healthy and tasty food in minutes. To solve this, Hamilton Beach is presenting you with their 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker that makes sure you have the right and the best sandwich to eat.

Hamilton Beach is a leading manufacturer of blenders, mixer and a very wide range of sandwich makers so you can trust the quality of their sandwich maker.

This sandwich press has a great and attractive design. The combination of black and silver leads the maker to give a stunning and attractive look and the grip of the maker makes it a functional tool in the kitchen.

The best part about this maker is that it is two in one. It has two sandwich compartments and sandwich making can never just get more easier. Something creative by the Hamilton Beach that the other Sandwich Maker Manufacturers couldn’t think of. This certainly is the best option or the feature of the maker as It saves you the time and the effort which both are priceless. Along with this, It makes you able to cook more faster and efficiently. This for sure is something that most of the families look forward to.

Another great thing about this Maker is that you are in charge and you are in charge about what goes and what doesn’t in the sandwich. This makes you able to have or to make a healthier and nutritious food because you are the one that will only be deciding the ingredients. You are in charge of your own taste and how do you want the sandwich to be.

There are options in the Sandwich maker that can make you customize the maker for an adult or for your cute and lovely kids. This is a real bargain in the long run. Most of the Sandwich Makers have the problem of cleaning while this maker doesn’t have that problem as It tends to be cleaned pretty easily and quickly than the rest of the other sandwich makers. There is an audible timer that notifies you if you are away from the kitchen and have forgotten the maker.

You can make two delicious sandwiches within minutes which is a greater advantage over the other sandwich makers available.

The only disadvantage this great Sandwich Maker has is that you will need to have the ingredients in round shape so that they can fit in the sandwich maker cups. Other than this, there are no cons that needs serious attention.
By looking at its features and what it provides to the users, this sandwich maker, without a doubt is one of the best sandwich maker.

Make sure that you have the Hamilton Beach 25490A Sandwich Maker on your list when you are hunting for the sandwich makers.

Cuisinart Dual-Sandwich Nonstick Electric Grill

Cuisinart Dual-Sandwich Nonstick Electric Grill

Cuisinart Dual-Sandwich Nonstick Electric Grill is the best choice that you have if you need freshly homemade sandwiches. The Cuisinart with this sandwich maker has proven its worth in the world of sandwich makers.

This Sandwich Maker is the answer to solving a lot of problems, you for sure won’t be leaving your home empty stomach because this sandwich maker can make you sandwiches within seconds.

The design of the grill sandwich maker adds beauty to it. It looks very stylish with a clean body with silver color that just suits it very well. The indicators at the top of the maker make the design of the maker more elegant. Another great benefit of the design is its size. It can fit into any space and won’t trouble you at all.
If you want to grill then this Cuisinart sandwich maker has non-stick plates that cooks evenly on both sides. There have been complaints that the maker doesn’t get the middle pinched then they should follow the manual instructions before using this maker as it is vital for getting the best results out of the maker.

It has the feature of diagonal slicing that most of the users have fallen in love with. Slices are made of the bread that helps in convenient cooking.

You don’t have to worry about the cleaning of the maker as It makes sure that you are able to clean it easily and quickly.

There are two lights or indicators which are Red and Green. The Red light shows that the power is connected to the grill or the maker and the green light for the indication to tell you that the sandwich is ready. This helps you with the confusion of when to switch off the maker. You can make two sandwiches at a time with this sandwich maker because there are two spaces where you can put two different sandwiches and both of them would be ready within minutes, isn’t that awesome?

There are no cons to this sandwich toastie maker that needs attention, however you have to be careful with the maker when you are adding cheese to your sandwich as it gets difficult to manage. Other than this, this sandwich is good to go.

With its price and with its features, the Cuisinart Dual-Sandwich Nonstick Electric Grill truly deserves the right to be on the list when you are looking for sandwich makers.

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Hamilton Beach 25477 Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach 25477 Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach came up with another great Electric Sandwich Maker called the 25477 Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker. As the name has the word Breakfast in it, Its main purpose is to serve you the best breakfast within minutes.

Mornings are hectic for everyone and no one has the time to make themselves proper breakfast so for them, the Hamilton Hamilton Beach 25477 Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker is present. They can have the best breakfast within minutes which is truly remarkable.

The Single Sandwich maker is super quick and helps you in making your healthy and nutritious breakfast in 5minutes or less. 5 minutes is nothing when compared to having a great sandwich. There are different layers in the maker. There is the main cooking plate, the egg cooking plate and the top lid. All of these layers are made up of non stick metal and the best part about these layers is that they are removable that makes the cleaning of the maker much more easier and convenient.
When you get this sandwich maker and are thinking to make a sandwich then you have to plug in the maker and let it heat up for about 5 minutes. You will get an indication with a green light that tells you that the maker has heated properly. Then you have to lower the first plate onto the main heating plate and put the ingredients of your choice layer after layer. Let your sandwich cook for a couple minutes. The best part is that the maker assembles your sandwich itself. You have to be careful when you are removing your sandwich as the rings or the layers of the maker are heated and you don’t want yourself to be burned.

This maker is beneficial for kids and those parents that limit their kids selection to healthier choices. You can let your kids pick their own fast-food style breakfast sandwiches that might help them get involved in cooking and can help in making them more creative than they already are.
The size of the sandwich maker is small so it wouldn’t take much of your space and placing it anywhere won’t be a problem. Due to its size, you can take the maker anywhere else, for example to a hotel, you can make a great sandwich for yourself right there.

With its features and with the quality sandwiches this maker makes, the Hamilton Beach 25477 Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker for sure is another great one by Hamilton Beach and users of this maker are proud of their decision to buy this one.

Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker

This best Panini Press or Sandwich Maker is another great one by Hamilton Beach and it for sure is one of the best ones because It has some remarkable features. This sandwich maker is something that has a decent combination of features that makes it ideal for families and individuals that love to make and eat sandwiches.

There is a great advantage to this sandwich maker and that is the Adjustable Thermostat. This feature is sometimes only available or obtainable in the higher end Panini grill designs. Having an adjustable thermostat is pretty valuable if you are planning to grill several ingredients, beyond just Panini.

It has 10.5 inch by 7.5 inch secure grids. It has the feature of Lockable floating hinge which adds another great feature in the maker. It uses pretty much less energy than the other sandwich or Panini makers. When your sandwiches are ready, it has an indicator that indicates you about them. So, this saves you the trouble of getting confused when to take your sandwiches out from the maker.

You can easily clean up the maker as It has non-stick cooking surface.

Another great advantage of this panini maker is that you can keep it vertically or horizontally, have it the way you like. It is an ideal sandwich maker for families and folks. It can be used to grill meats, vegetables and other kinds of food.

Coming to the design of the maker, some might find fascinating about the cooking surface as it is a bigger one while some just might not. It’s not ideal for those that don’t have enough counter space but is perfectly ideal for those that love cooking for their families or friends, for them this the perfect unit that they can get.

The maker gets quit hot on the exteriors so you have to pretty careful about and you have to handle it with caution. The device as said above vertically, this helps in moving the maker from one place to another as it won’t take much space that way as it would when you put it horizontally.

Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker is a great model when looked at its price. It works great and is easy to use. It has the perfect combinations of performance and value and is something to look forward to when you are thinking to buy a sandwich maker.

ZZ S6141A-B 4 in 1 Breakfast Waffle Omelette and Sandwich Maker

ZZ S6141A-B 4 in 1 Breakfast Waffle Omelette and Sandwich Maker with 4 Sets of Detachable Non-stick Plates

ZZ came up with this great sandwich maker that serves the purpose of making food real quick pretty easily and efficiently. You get different kind of foods with this sandwich maker instantly. You don’t have to wait long in order to eat some of the finest food that you need to eat.

The ZZ S6141A-B is a great sandwich maker that compartments or layers or plates for four different kinds of food. These four different kinds are Breakfast, Waffle, Sandwich, and Omelette. It for sure is one of the best ones as It tends to give you different kinds of food within no time. Everyone wants to have different food at their table in the Morning or at their breakfast and for those that can’t get up and make themselves a proper breakfast, this sandwich maker is the one that they need.

As said above, It has 4 sets of detachable heating plates that are used for the four different foods named above. The feature of the layers of being detachable is something that you would have thought of. The layers are detachable which make it easy for you to clean.

If you are in need of delicious Breakfast, Waffles, Omelette and Sandwiches within no time or quickly, get this sandwich maker.

There is an indicator for the Power On and the Preheat that helps you to control the perfect temperature for cooking.

For extra safety use, this sandwich maker comes with cool to touch handle lock so that you don’t get burned while taking your food out of the sandwich maker.

With the unique features that this sandwich maker provides, It is something that you need to look forward to.

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Proctor-Silex Sandwich Maker

Proctor-Silex Sandwich Maker white

The Proctor-Silex Sandwich Maker is one of the sandwich makers that suits your needs of having a simple and efficient sandwich maker. It is a straightforward and efficient sandwich maker. If you are in need of quick and easy sandwiches then this is the one for you.

It is excellent for those that have small kitchens or for students that are living on campus. This is a productive and affordable piece of equipment that gives you sandwiches within no time.

There are Red and Green indicators that show when the food is cooking and when it is ready. It is designed with a flat non-stick grid. This benefits in cleaning the grid as it saves you the time and the energy. It is a perfect purchase for those that want an easy and simple sandwich maker. It provides you with even temperatures from edge to edge. Storing a sandwich maker have never been easier and with this, it is much easier to store because of the size of the maker. When you are done cleaning the maker, you can shut the maker by employing a clip lock on the handle to hold it shut and then store it upright. This maker is equipped with a heat-resistant handle which is another great thing to know and to notice because there are some sandwich makers that get hot and you have to be careful when you are taking your food out. Well, there is nothing like it with this sandwich maker and it is nice to know that the outside of the maker stays cool, just for safety measures.

So, If you are having a tight budget and are looking for something that can serve your food temptations then this cheap sandwich maker is the best one for you as you get everything with such a low price and with such a small size. So, get yourself one and have great sandwiches to eat.

T-fal SW6100 EZ

 T-fal SW6100 EZ Clean Easy to Clean Nonstick Sandwich and Waffle Maker with Removable Dishwasher Safe Plates, 2-Slice

When you are in search for a great waffle maker then this should on your list. T-fal came up with this great waffle maker that serves your need the best. This sandwich and waffle maker would make you sandwiches and waffles in an efficient way.

This toaster sandwich maker comes with two sets of interchangeable plates. You can have crispy waffles for your breakfast by using the waffle maker. It has a non-stick surface that makes it easy for the users to clean them. There are indicators at the top of the maker that advise you that the power is on and when the maker is ready for operation.

The dishwasher safer parts of the maker make it easy for you to clean. If you want to change the plates, you need to make sure that the maker is in cold condition, otherwise, you will be hurting yourself and would burn yourself.

Having the ability to cook two kinds of food with just one toaster and sandwich maker is this maker’s specialty. You can have waffles for your breakfast or for any time and sandwiches too. There are two sets of interchangeable plates that can be removed and are dishwasher safe which makes the cleaning easy. The waffle plates can be soaked in water, and you can then clean the unit very quickly. These were some of the cons that this sandwich maker has. However, there are some cons that you need to look too.

There is no timer available on the maker which means that you will not be notified when the temperature of the waffles go beyond the limit and the other con that this electric sandwich toaster has is that it is expensive.

Even though the T-fal SW6100 EZ is expensive, It makes sure that you get the best sandwiches or waffles for you to eat which makes it one of the good sandwich makes available today. Do have a look at this one when you are thinking to buy a sandwich maker because this might be the one that you have been looking for.

Hamilton Beach 25462Z

Hamilton Beach 25462Z Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker

If you are fond of eating sandwiches and want to make some at home too then this sandwich maker by the great Hamilton Beach might be the one for you. After reviewing this, you might consider buying this sandwich maker. Buying a sandwich maker can be hectic as there are many different other sandwich makers that tend to give you the best results and this one is one of them.

Just like any other Hamilton Beach sandwich maker, this one too has one of the great attractive looks and the non-stick back interior is amazing too. The design of the maker contains a side lock that can be stored easily in the kitchen. Hamilton Beach as always has lived up to its customer expectations.

The sandwich maker is easy to operate and operating it shouldn’t be any trouble for you as It is a user-friendly maker that requires no learning. You can read its manual or you can watch videos about its operation. It is in compact in size and can be kept anywhere. With this, the non-stick grids are 10 inches x 8 inches which mean that it has enough space to hold. Most of the sandwich makers are large in size and there is a problem of keeping the maker, there is nothing like it with this one. As any other Hamilton Beach sandwich makers, It is super easy to clean. You don’t need to take each and every part out and then clean them, it becomes a hassle and the company has given some serious thought about it. You are the master of your own sandwich and you control what goes into the sandwich such as ham, eggs, vegetables etc. You can grill anything such as Omelettes, Fish, and Vegetables etc. With all its great features, it for sure is one of the best ones but there have been some customers that have said that this maker gets heated too much but you need high heat in order to press quality sandwiches and so it’s not a problem.

So, with its features and all, this Hamilton Beach 25462Z makes it one of the best ones and it earns the right to consider this sandwich maker.

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George Foreman GR136B

George Foreman GR136B 2-Serving Classic Plate Grill and Pannini Press

The George Foreman GR136B is a great product for all those grilled food lovers who love eating quality food but aren’t ready to buy the expensive cooking tools for this. So, here is something for all of those that provide quality food.

This product comes with a handy 2-serving area of the grill to easily handle the food requirements for couple or family. The heating system is an efficient one and it makes it perfect for cooking everything from burgers and chicken to fish and vegetables. The grill of the maker is more durable because of the non-stick coating. The non-stick coating is three times more durable and lasting when compared to other brands. So, with this, you can decide how much fat do you want in your sandwich.

Another great feature of the maker is the fat-removing slope design that takes away up to 42% of the fat from your food. The grill of the maker has a LED power indicator light for more added convenience.

To collect excess fats and oils, there is a drip tray included. The tray is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

This maker is one of the best ones and you have to consider this one before going on to buy one.

Brentwood TS-240B Appliances Sandwich Maker

Brentwood TS-240B Appliances Sandwich Maker

If you are just looking for a cheap, simple but effective sandwich maker, the Brentwood TS-240B Appliances Sandwich Maker is the one to go.

This non-stick sandwich maker feature light indicators to show tht the unit is properly functioning and to inform you when your toastie is ready.

Its non-stick plate allows you to make great sandwiches without too many efforts to clean the unit later. The safety lock allows you to let your bread toasting while you can prepare the rest of your breakfast.

The design of this sandwich maker is simple, but at the same time can blend in at any kitchen`s design.

If you want an inexpensive sandwich maker that just works, Brentwood TS-240B Appliances Sandwich Maker is the sandwich maker you need to buy.


With all of the reviews, you might be thinking that all of them are the best ones and each of them serves your need for cooking and eating the best. So, We are providing you with some guidelines on how to get the best sandwich maker for yourself that is perfectly up to your expectations and needs. Let’s get started then-

Brand– We all know that products of famous brands are widely regarded and are better than the other ones. The same’s the case wit the sandwich makers. Getting a sandwich maker of a known brand is much better than the others. You have to stay away from local brands as they will for sure disappoint you with their operations. Get a sandwich maker of a reputed brand such as Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, Breville, Proctor Silex and others. These brands will never disappoint you.

Reviews– Any product before buying needs to be looked into. Their pros and cons and especially the reviews of its users. The same’s the case with sandwich makers. When you select a sandwich maker, you have to know everything about it. You have to go deep into it. By reading well-written reviews, you will know whether the product meets your requirements. Users of any product write reviews of the product and that makes sure you are getting the right product for your requirements.

Size– Size of a sandwich maker matters the most. You don’t want to get a large size maker that gets a trouble for you whenever you are trying to place it somewhere. Make sure you get the right size of sandwich maker.

Ease of use and cleaning– Almost every sandwich maker found today have the ability to be cleaned easily, except the local ones. Buy sandwich makers of reputed brands that have the capability of being cleaned up pretty easily. You also have to check whether the maker is dishwasher safe. Dishwasher safe is a great feature to have in a sandwich maker.

With all of this being said, You are now capable of deciding which sandwich maker is the best for you. Have the one that is perfect for you and meets your standard or requirements. You for sure will be thanking us later for the great reviews. Protection Status

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