Best Nail Dryer Reviews 2018 – Buyer`s guide

Do you know what the nail dryers are? If you are a girl who likes to be fashionable, or you are a professional of the trade, you must be very clear what it is for, and what is the best option to acquire one. Nail dryers have become the best ally of girls when performing a manicure.

Whenever we decide to paint our nails, something unforeseen happens, someone comes to visit, and we must be ready in a short time, we can not devote the drying time that the enamel and our nails need. There should be an artifact that will help dry them in a really fast way just because it exists ! the nail dryer will be part of your manicure routine and leave your nails great

Likewise, note that the best way to not have to wait for the nails to dry on their own, is to have yourselves at home a flirty nail dryer, nowadays in the market you can find them in different sizes, Shapes and prices, as the most classic in white, lunar and very comfortable for the placement of hands on the part of the nails.

Technological advances in beauty have are such that now we can make the gel manicure in our own home without any difficulty. Gel nails last longer and we can give them the shape and color that we want at all times, it is no longer an expensive treatment that we have to do in beauty centers, but we do need a nail dryer with lamp LED to make it perfect.

If you also want to get perfect nails every week, with professional results in your own home, find out which are the best nail dryers according to their value for money, and invest in the best quality for a little money.

A nail dryer or nail lamp is an electrical accessory, small size, used to make the enamel used in the manicure (whether permanent, semi-permanent, or gel nails), is perfectly dry and with a good finish.

Why should you buy a nail dryer?

All women love to have their nails painted and well groomed, as if you had gone to the beauty salon and you had done the manicure with professionals, on the one hand, more and more girls have a very busy lifestyle, and they do not have Time to go to the classroom, and on the other, the high costs of these limit the possibilities.

Having the best nail dryer can be very useful in your beauty processes, as we mentioned earlier, this device helps you in the manicure, makes this a very simple and comfortable process. The use of a quality nail dryer is a beneficial initiative and you should take into account for your choice many aspects such as the power level you have, the type of drying technology, maybe some include the function of a timer And others not, etc.

Stop analyzing the different functions that exist, listen to or read online the opinions or ratings of people who have already purchased the product, you can even compare these with opinions with some expert, and thus decide which is the best nail dryer for your style of life.

What are the features that you should take into account when buying a nail dryer?

Design: these devices are small in size and small, have a variety of colors and shapes to suit all tastes. They are easy to carry, and some are high enough to give you ample and sufficient space so you can put your hands, or feet.

Technology: these dryers work with UV technology or LED technology, and in some cases with joint technologies, that is both at the same time, both provide a perfect finish in the drying of specialized nail polish. LED technology is faster, less energy consuming, cool light and has a long service life, but only dry enamels that are specifically created for LED technology, while UV technology dryers work with all kinds of Permanent enamels require more time to dry, consuming more energy.

Power: Nail dryers have light bulbs with a power of not less than 9 watts, and each model has 1 to 4 light bulbs. If the nail dryer is 9W, it will take 5 minutes to dry the nails, while if it has 36w it will take about 2 minutes.

Safety: you have to notice that the nail dryer you are going to choose, does not present overheating faults, since, if this is the case, you will be burned before it can end its useful life, and you will have to discard it and get a new one. You should also be aware of the safety that the product offers you regarding skin care because as these work with ultraviolet light and led light, you must have some certificate that will not harm your skin or nails at all.

Have you seen many options and do not know which to choose? In this article, we present you a review of the 6 best nail dryers in the market, as a guide to buying the best option on the market, helping you to recognize the fundamental characteristics of each one, remember that there are different models, both in sizes and In shapes and colors. You just have to find the one that suits you best.

Best Nail Dryers Reviews 2018:

Abody 9C 24W Nail Gel Polish Dryer, 30 seconds & 60 seconds Timer Setting, LED UV Gel Curing Nail Lamp for Fingernail & Toenail

Abody 9C 24W Nail Gel Polish Dryer

This nail dryer is one of the best in the market, compared to other products, it can dry all nail polish, and does not cause any damage to the eyes or skin.

It can measure between 3.0 and 3.7 inches, is made of polycarbonate and acrylic, meaning that it is very resistant to long usage times, and there is availability in pink, blue and green.

Abody can shorten your nail drying time by 50%, has a power of 24W, and a lifetime of 50,000 hours, yes, you read well fifty thousand hours!

In addition, it is suitable for drying all the nail powders based on gels, including glues, Gel builder, nail polish and nail gels. You only have to set the time switch, pressing it once will activate the timer for 30 seconds, and if you do it twice, the duration of the timer will be 60 seconds. It also includes the option that, if you put your hand in the nail dryer, it is activated automatically. The packaging of this nail dryer includes 1 nail lamp, 1 plug (of the type of the United States of America), and an instruction manual for the user.

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SUNUV SUN9C 24W LED UV Nail Dryer Curing Lamp for Fingernail & Toenail Gels Based Polishes

SUNUV SUN9C 24W LED UV Nail Dryer Curing Lamp for Fingernail & Toenail Gels Based Polishes

It is a nail dryer that has 18 mini 24W bulbs, with a double light source (it is a light bulb). It can be used without any worries as it is considered one of the best products on the market and usually have a 12-month warranty! Say UV and LED), with a size between 365mm and 405mm.

If you ever went to the beauty salon, and the intense purple light of the nail dryers bothered you in the eyes, this is the best option for you. Since its light source is white, which gives you a safe and very comfortable experience.

In addition, it prevents damage to the skin. SUNUV is an open, wide, lightweight arch lamp with a very light weight. It is designed to dry the nails of the hands and also the toenails. It is a low power nail dryer, but with a very fast and efficient drying, it does not make any kind of noise when it is on, and you will not need other dryers or fans. It is an ideal brand because it can dry all kinds of gel polishes, LED gel, UV gel, sculpture gel, etc. It has two settings in the timer, one of 30 seconds and one of 60 seconds. It can be turned on automatically. If you have your hands inside, the lights will come on, and when you take them out, it will turn off automatically. Easy to use! Just apply a thin layer of gel, on the clean and dry nail, use the appropriate gel timer (30s / 60s).

You should keep in mind that the drying time varies according to the product or enamel you use, SUNUV SUN9C is designed for all types of gels, only, and not for regular nail polish. After drying time, you can enjoy a beautiful manicure or pedicure with the best dryer on the market: SUNUV! In the presentation box, you will find SUNUV SUN9C 24W nail lamp, user manual, and an AC adapter.

MelodySusie Portable LED Nail Lamp – Violetilac 6W Mini Nail Dryer Curing LED GEL Nail Polish Professionally

MelodySusie Portable LED Nail Lamp - Violetilac 6W Mini Nail Dryer Curing LED GEL Nail Polish Professionally

It is one of the best cutting-edge nail-drying lamps with three compact 2-watt LED light bulbs that allow you to quickly dry all types of LED gel enamels for salon manicures lasting up to two weeks. In San Francisco in 2009 by cosmetologists Melody and Susie, MelodySusie is a company dedicated to helping women negotiate the difficult balance between work, life, and personal care. Steps to use MelodySusie Violetiel: apply your gel accordingly To its instructions for use. Press the ON / OFF button until the lamp turns on. It uses the appropriate automatic time setting (according to gel requirements). The lamp will turn off automatically after the indicated time.If you want to obtain the best results, avoid moving your hand too much inside the lamp until the drying is complete. Note that the drying requirements vary according to the brand of nail gel.

Violetiel is for LED gel powders only. Make sure your polish is compatible before purchase. This lamp emits a light with a wavelength of 380-410 nm. If the gel enamel is a bit sticky after drying, clean your nails with a mild cleanser. Violetiel 6W has only one button, which activates the automatic configuration of 45 seconds and 60 seconds. Press the heart-shaped button on the top of the nail lamp once, and the drying time will be 60 seconds. If you press the heart button twice, the curing time will change to 45 seconds.

If you want to finish it, simply press the button again. All you have to do is check the gel instructions and touch the appropriate button to start drying. Your gel polish will be dried in seconds to have a magnificent and durable color. It is one of the most compact models, it is small, light but powerful. It is also safe with wide ventilation and minimal UV radiation, so your nails will not only be beautiful but also healthy. Each purchase package includes 6W nail drying lamp, a compatible adapter with 100V-240V, Instructions for use, and a welcome card, all packed in a beautiful and elegant black box.

USpicy MACARON 36W Nail Dryer UV Lamp/ Light Upgraded with Sliding Tray & Timer Setting, SPA Equipment + FREE USpicy Highly UV Protective Gloves

USpicy MACARON 36W Nail Dryer UV Lamp Light Upgraded with Sliding Tray

This nail dryer is your best answer to have beautiful and perfect nails, it has four LED tubes that dry your nails instantly and in a wonderful way. With the smart timer, you do not need to pay extra attention to the lamp, you can choose Between 120 seconds and 180 seconds depending on the number of layers you want to dry and what type of nail polish you are using. Use this portable manicure dryer to dry heavy layers of gel in a luxurious manicure or to give a finishing touch to a delicate pedicure.

With the USpicy UV nail lamp, girls will be on the move closer to having their own nail salon at home. Just connect, press the button, and you’re all set.USpicy e offers a manicure or pedicure safe and without persistent and annoying odors. And this article meets all the needs of a complete manicure routine, plus it has UV protection included. It has an easy one step process of manicure drying, simply connect the nail dryer to a power outlet, press the button and start with drying your nails, you will get a manicure full of smoothness and precision!

USpicy 48W LED UV Nail Dryer Nail Lamp for Gel Polishes with Automatic Sensor, Pull-down Cover, USB Light

USpicy 48W LED UV Nail Dryer Nail Lamp for Gel Polishes

A portable nail dryer that is quick and safe to dry on your nails wherever you are. You can dry all kinds of LED gel and UV gel enamels, and it is faster than other nail dryers, so you will be left with bright nails. It includes an automatic sensor, fold-out lid, USB light (double push button timer 120s to turn on the USB light) and three timing settings. This nail dryer provides adequate illumination to paint detailed designs on all nails and has a fold-down protective cover to protect and care for sensitive eyes. If you are one of those girls that get tired of the hands very fast when you have them in a drying lamp, the best thing about the USpicy 48W is that it includes a comfortable pillow to lay your hands, and so rest when applying and drying the gels. It has three timers, (most of the articles in this review of the best nail dryers, only have two), this in order to provide maximum comfort, in addition to having an automatic mode for a better drying experience.

The timers are 30s, 60s, 120s and allow you to preset a drying time for perfect manicures. When in use, the pickup sensor will automatically turn on the dryer. The same sensor will also activate an automatic shutdown after 3 seconds when not in use. In addition to all this, it comes with a great detachable tray to help with cleaning the lamp or acts to create space, and to dry the nails of the Feet, when performing a pedicure. It does not matter if you are clumsy and a bit sloppy, since the bottom of the dryer is coated with a non-slip coating to prevent it from sliding or knocking. This nail dryer is the best, the market, as it has functions That most common dryers do not, so, if you want a different product, and with greater functionality, the nail dryer USpicy 48W is right for you.

KEDSUM 12W LED Lamp-One-button Control-10s, 30s, 60s and 300s with Auto Shutoff-Nail Dryer for Quickly Dry LED Gel Nail Polish

KEDSUM 12W LED Lamp-One-button Control

As a final product of this great review of nail dryers, we bring you the amazing single button nail drying lamp with a drying time that is between 10s, 30s, 60s, and 300s. It is a lamp suitable for almost all kinds of nail polish LED and GEL, has the function of the automatic shutdown, it is easy to use, because of its unique button design. One of the best features of this nail dryer is that you do not need to replace the lamps, as it has five LED bulbs with an estimated useful life of 50,000h. Although it has a single button, it has four types of time controls (10s, 30s, 60s, and 300s), you just have to choose the appropriate time according to your needs. This dryer is the ideal product to obtain beautifully finished nails, with a control of your own time, and at home, without spending a lot of money in the beauty salon. It has a beautiful black color, is powerful and easy to use.

Dry your nails in seconds, it does not have ultraviolet rays harmful to your eyes and skin. Make sure your nail polish works properly with this product, because if you use the wrong one, the gel will start peeling and cracking, and will not dry at all. This wonderful LED nail dryer, can work with LED gel enamels, any GEL powder, etc. As a final tip, we have you if the gel remains sticky even when the drying time ends, clean the residue with the cleaner, and after drying each layer well will give a smoother and longer surface. The package of this nail dryer Includes 1 KEDSUM 12W LED Lamp and 1 AC Adapter.


In the world of beauty, women are always looking for perfection, whether it is simple things to arrange easily to be beautiful in their routine, or spend more time to be beautiful and radiant for a special person, or work event, or family dinner. The truth of the case is that even as far as beauty is concerned, technology advances just as in other aspects of Life, surprising us with new inclusions, new functions and new ways of presenting our products. Each innovation makes a difference, and this is what makes customers nervous when choosing a product, since there are so many options, and the different functions that are entangled and often if you want to forget what they really need and They buy artifacts that do not meet the requirements of their needs. Saving, speed, durability, comfort, designs, shapes, and many other features are essential when choosing a nail dryer for you, for your use at home, to give a friend, or even to start your own business, Of course, to these characteristics are added those you could read throughout this article. With these characteristics, you will be able to choose the equipment most suitable to your tastes and needs, which at the same time can be economic and of good quality. However, when comparing nail dryers, you will find countless models, and all of this influences, of course, the cost of each equipment, and of course, the decision you will make when choosing one.

To finish, we recommend you look at the opinions of previous buyers of the product, since, after all, the reviews are free but useful information, take advantage of these tips so you can get a better purchase. All women have learned a lot of times the lesson, we should not paint our nails being rushed, and we do not dry our nails in front of some air conditioning, Since the nail polish can cause annoying bubbles, which ruin the work of the manicure, leaving an unprofessional and elegant finish. When you use an electric nail dryer, the results will become very superior and effective, because your nails Will dry evenly. These nail dryers are a fantastic way to speed up the whole process related to the manicure, plus they usually make it much more comfortable. Come and get it now, your nail dryer, look your hands and feet with an excellent manicure! Protection Status

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