10 tips on saving money when buying things on the internet

Buying on the internet is an increasingly common practice, after all, it is a very easy and very fast way of buying new things. In the online world you can find all the products at different prices, and the best, everything is delivered at your home. But for those who want to save money or not to go into a infinite debt, internet shopping can be a real trap.

To avoid traps and scams, what you need to do is to find the best deals, define what is really necessary and not go buying everything on the first site you visit!

Want to save money while buying online? Check out some tips we prepared:

1. Plan
Even before the first click, define what you want to order. In addition to saving time, planning before purchasing avoids unnecessary expenses and possible regrets. When you browse the web without a goal in mind, you are subject to many temptations. It’s like walking through a shopping mall, where the attractions are many and the advertising of deals can generate impulse purchases.

2. Compare prices
After planning, it is necessary to go the online stores. Being aware of what you want to buy, the next step is to compare prices. It is possible to simultaneously monitor the values of the same product in different stores. There are several online tools aimed at online quoting like PriceGrabber or Google Shopping.

3. Participate in loyalty programs
Many online stores offer loyalty programs that include special discounts, to accumulate points in exchange for goods and services, gifts and other benefits. It is common for large e-commerces to offer those kinds of programs.

4. Register your email on your favorite e-commerces to receive offers
Usually people do not like to receive email marketing, however, this is certainly a good tool to save money on online purchases. To avoid hassles, simply subscribe to the newsletters from companies for which you have a real interest.

5. Access outlets web pages 
For clothing, for example, when the collection changes prices fall, right? This is also true in the virtual market, as excellent products from previous collections can be found with discounts of up to 70%. In this case, you must have patience to dig for the best deals.

6. Opt for stores that offer free freight
Free Shipping makes all the difference, as product volume, type of packaging and the selected carrier can greatly increase the final price. In the case of furniture and decorative items, often the shipping costs is very high. The good news is that many companies now offer free shipping or even reduced rates on freight.

There is also stores that offer free freight tied to purchases above a certain amount. If this is the case, everything should be weighed to see if it pays off to buy other products or is it better to give up the acquisition.

7. Follow the news on social networks
Stay tuned to what happens on businesses` Social Networks. Typically, lightning offers are posted on Facebook and Twitter. It is common to have exclusive promotions that are released seasonally, like for holidays, for example. In addition to that, special actions such as Black Friday deals gain are offten advertised on social media.

8. Use discount coupons
Currently, several websites and blogs offer discount coupons like RetailMeNot, for example. But even thought these coupons help you save a few bucks, one should be well aware of the bureaucratic issues around the coupons, such as the validity of the voucher and suitability of the offering company.

9. Analyze the cost benefit of the product
You may have come across products being sold online, for prices similar to those of physical stores. In this case, what would be the economic advantage to acquire an item online? It’s simple. If you know the brand, know the product quality, has good references of the seller, freight is free, payment terms are attractive, the company offers invoice and warranty, the customer will definitely save when buying online. Even if the price is similar to the physical store, by opting for the internet, the buyer invests less time and won`t be spending on transportation to and from the store (taxi, driving, gas, parking…). In the end, although the economy is small, the customer wins in terms of comfort and practicality.

10. Check My Wife Said No I Bought it Anyway regularly

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Buying on the internet should not mean to be wasting money. Just be careful to make the best choices!

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