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Rock that shower! Best Bluetooth shower heads 2017 Reviews!

Every single person is a fan of singing in the shower, no matter who you are. With modern technology, listening to music or comfortably singing in the shower is a possibility. No more noise cancellation and no more relying on quiet phones or other music-playing devices is required! Many different types of shower heads now come with attachable or portable bluetooth speakers! Nowadays, shower heads have built in, removable bluetooth speakers, capable of syncing to any compatible device and playing your favourite songs. Many bluetooth speakers for shower heads also allow you to take phone calls, listen to podcasts, the news, or any other type of audio that you prefer. This technology is a revolutionary invention, giving many people the opportunity to multitask as they shower. Everyone who is tired of setting up their music outside of the shower with either a telephone, laptop, or some other music playing device will appreciate this improved music playing shower head.

Many music playing shower heads come with water-saving technology. For this reason, music playing shower heads can be used to decrease that water bill and save the environment in the process. Shower heads with bluetooth speakers have better sound quality and are more effective than other music-playing devices in the bathroom. Also, a large number of them have been modified to match the preferred pressures and settings of the user. Musical shower heads offer high quality sound in the shower, giving your favorite songs an extra flair. If you find yourself annoyed by not being able to skip or change songs because you can’t get to your device, then using a bluetooth speaker for your shower head could solve that problem; however, it depends on the type of speaker that you get. Playing music in the shower has never been a more simple process. Here is a list of the capabilities of bluetooth shower heads:

  • Depending on the type of speaker, you can finally change songs or audio in the shower.
  • Depending on the type of speaker, the bluetooth shower head allow you to take phone calls in the shower.
  • Listening to music in the shower is no longer a fight for which is louder: the water or the music.
  • Alongside bluetooth, these special types of music shower heads are notorious for better water pressure.
  • Bluetooth showerheads typically have water-saving technology.
  • The sound is typically higher quality than other forms of listening to music in the shower.

Bluetooth Shower head Reviews

H2oVibe Rain Showerhead Jet with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The H2oVibe shower head provides a wide coverage area and a strong water flow while still being conservative; I absolutely love it! My water bill has gotten so much cheaper since I have bought it. The sound quality of the removable bluetooth speaker is high quality. It doesn’t matter if I am in the shower or out of it; the sound quality is amazing no matter what! This product improves my shower experiences with the powerful spray and the even greater sound of my favorite music. Do not worry about the battery dying as you are getting into your favourite song. The battery will last for about ten hours before needing to be recharged, giving me days of high quality showering experience before it needs recharge. I also receive notifications from the bluetooth as I shower, letting me know when I have an important call or email that needs to be answered. The best thing about this product is the price, being many times cheaper other products of the same functionality, the H2oVibe shower head offers an amazing deal for what you get!

KOHLER K-9245-CP 2.5 GPM Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker

The Kohler Moxie Shower Head speaker can be easily removed from the shower head for charging or moving around in my bathroom. The sound produced by the removable bluetooth speaker is extremely clear and pleasant to hear. The Kohler Moxie Shower Head speaker was very easy to install, only taking a few minutes of my time to remove a old one and place the other. It is a very clear-sounding speaker, giving me the opportunity to effectively listen to all of my favourite music. The shower head itself comes in two variations of water flow, two gallons per minute and two and a half gallons per minute. Personally, I love reducing my environmental footprint, so I keep it on the lowest setting. A much cheaper water bill is not a bad touch either! I got to choose a color that matched my bathroom as well, since it comes in four. Overall, this music playing shower head added a nice touch to my bathroom, and I appreciate having it in my shower.

HotelSpa® Cool Shower Ultra-Luxury 7-Setting 7 Inch Rainfall Shower-Head with Matching Chrome Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This music playing bluetooth shower head was very easy to install, which is great! I hate wasting time. I did not even need to use any tools! On top of that, the speaker is separate from the shower head and attaches to the wall of my shower with a suction cup. I liked not having to worry about the speaker in the process of installing it. While the shower head works great, the wireless speaker does not have to be used specifically with this bluetooth musical shower head or even in the shower. It can be used as a normal bluetooth portable speaker. This speaker offers the ability to pause, play, skip forward, rewind, and adjust volume while listening to my own music. I am also able to answer and redial phone calls with the push of a button via the built in microphone. The speaker is rechargeable. I have around three hours of use overall, so I can take multiple showers before I have to recharge it. The price of this product is a great deal considering it includes a powerful shower head and the speaker. The shower head itself has multiple different settings, and I love the variety that comes with the shower head.

Bidet4me Msh-10 Music Showerhead Waterproof Speaker + Bluetooth + Shower Arm

I love being able to bluetooth my own music or other audio in the shower. The usage is pretty straightforward: install it and sync it to a device; technology will do the rest. No attachments or extra handiwork is needed, so installation takes a second. The shower head itself is pretty quiet, so the speaker does not have to work too hard for sound dominance. I think that the quieter shower head comes from the fact that it saves such a huge amount of water. This is the shower head that you want for water conservation if not anything else! I definitely recommend this product above all other products. This is honestly one of the best investments I have ever made. People who love to multitask will enjoy this. I often listen to podcasts in my own shower, and I love how you can take calls while showering as well, and I never have issues with my phone being too far away to pick up the bluetooth signal. Also, the issue of background noise during a call is eliminated, an excellent feature for when you are showering. If you want an improvement in water pressure and shower quality, then this perfect shower head to go.

Morpilot® Wide Drenching Round Shape Top Spray Rain Shower Head with Waterproof Music Jet Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The overall water pressure of the Morpilot makes my experience in the shower great! I bought this product out of fascination because who doesn’t love singing in the shower? I hate having to carry my phone or laptop in the bathroom with me in order to listen to music, and I listen to music everywhere, including the car, my room, kitchen, etc. I am not disappointed by the Morpilot shower head. The shower head itself is excellent, and the portable speaker is an excellent addition. The shower head comes with a built in speaker as well, so do not worry about your music not being loud enough! The Morpilot shower head is huge; the amount of nozzles on the shower head is impressive. The spray from the water covers me almost completely, and I don’t have to make adjustments in the process of showering. Also, this battery lasts incredibly long, and it charges at a decent pace. I get to take multiple showers, sometimes even a week straight of morning or afternoon showers, before it finally dies on me. The Morpilot is an excellent addition to my bathroom; I enjoy it so much, I would honestly get it for every room in the house.

Only Head That Can Change Songs/Volume/Answer Calls in the Shower! Spa Living White Bluetooth Speaker Rain Shower Head

The ultra-wide eight inch shower head provides a great water flow with some power that I really love. It’s so strong that I get a nice, comforting massage just about every morning! The shower head was easy to install and works amazingly; it may look complicated, but it was as easy as putting two and two together. The speaker has a good level of sound and the music or audio doesn’t get drowned out by the noise of water. Do not worry about a lack of water pressure; this shower head is even more powerful than the old one I had! Also, I haven’t spotted a single leak in the actual shower head, and that can be a bigger issue than you think! I like the detachable speaker because I can take it out of the shower with me and use it as a portable bluetooth speaker. It also comes with a convenient carrying case. Another great feature of the speaker is the battery life, this speaker will last for over a week’s worth of showers before it needs to be recharged. Overall, this is an excellent spend. I love and use it every day, and I’m pretty tempted to install it in the rest of my bathrooms!

YOO.MEE Music Jet Rain Showerheads with Bluetooth Speakers for Music or Phone to Stream your Favorite Songs, Story, Drama or Playlist right in the Shower -Waterproof Speakers

The rain like water flow design of the YOO.MEE music shower head is very relaxing and feels like a much higher quality than I would expect for such a great price. I have tried out a couple of shower heads with bluetooth speakers, and this is definitely one of the best that I have used. Installation only takes a few minutes; quick, fast, and easy; exactly how I like any new technology! The shower head is pretty durable, and it gives out a pretty large amount of water. The speaker itself is pretty neat too! I detach it when I’m walking around the house, especially after a nice shower. It seems like I listen to way more music and take even more showers! This is ne of the best purchases I have ever made, and I guarantee that any person will enjoy it as well!


Shower heads with a built in speaker are easily a necessity in any bathroom. Shower heads with speakers are typically an attractive addition to any bathroom, coming in a wide range of colors to suit any taste. Any bluetooth speaker for a shower head comes in one of many forms, including detachable or completely portable, and many others may be completely removed from the shower head and used elsewhere. Nowadays, people are capable of listening to music, podcasts, the news, or any other type of audio. Busier people may also take phone calls in the shower, meaning that bluetooth speakers for the shower is an excellent piece of technology for multitaskers. The sound quality of shower heads that play music is typically higher than a large majority of other music-playing devices alone. This type of technology is meant to save time and prevent your electronics from being damaged; phones and other bluetooth compatible devices can be connected from up to 30 feet away!

A shower head with bluetooth compatibility will serve any person well. Almost every person loves to listen to music, and even more people enjoy listening to music in the shower. Generally, the speakers that come with shower heads are waterproof, so there is no need to worry about damaging your expensive property. With their wide ranges of gadgets, tools, and settings, a music playing shower head will perfectly suit any person. If in any case, a person needs to replace their shower head, considering any one of the previously mentioned, high quality shower heads are an excellent addition to any bathroom, and any person would appreciate their convenience.

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