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I`ll live on my tent if I have to! Best Camping Tent 2017 Reviews!

Updated on February 15, 2017.

Its summer time and people are out enjoying the sun. At least when it’s not raining. It’s good to know what are the best available tents to purchase out there before you actually take out the wallet our of your pocket. So we’re here to review some of the bestselling camping tents on one of the best consumer websites we know, Amazon! Let’s jump into it.

First of all we are basing this article off reviews, stars given, and amount of popularity and features. We will discuss the highlights of each of the amazing tents for camping, as well as camping tent best for families and an air tent for camping. So stick around to catch all the info!

Best Camping Tent 2017 Reviews!

Toogh Waterproof 3 Season Tent for Camping/2-3 Person

Toogh Waterproof 3 Season Tent for Camping

Toogh Waterproof 3 Season Tent is sure to be your number one all-round tent. It’s sure to be an ideal choice for people who love hiking and camping due to its excellent durability as well as its waterproof and breathable qualities. This tent is sure to keep you dry in the event of a sudden downpour while camping alone or with friends. Are you an avid backpacker? If so, this has got your back as it has two interior pockets for keeping your gear organized and it also has a handy hook on the roof that’s ideal for hanging your lamp and other stuff that’s not too bulky.

It also comes with two doors for better ventilation. This tent is sure to provide you with excellent ventilation, and you can also enjoy stargazing thanks to the large mesh side wall vents it features. It also helps keep both bugs and mosquitoes at bay while camping at your favorite spot. The doors are D-shaped, and they allow for easy access for two to three adults. The best part is the tent can be set up with ease, even kids can get the job done. The pre-attached poles it features allows for quick and easy setup. It also comes with eight steel pegs and four ropes that allow for stronger mounting and fixing. It also features a fantastic rain fly that is sure to keep the tent in place even in the midst of strong winds and heavy downpours. There’s no doubt that this tent can withstand anything the outdoors throw your way. Overall, this waterproof tent is sure to be your best bet when it comes to Camping and hiking especially in the rainy season.


  • It’s roomy and spacious enough to accommodate two to three adults.
  • Made with very robust and durable material.
  • It’s very easy to setup. Even kids can get it up in a matter of seconds and taking it down is also a breeze.
  • It’s not bulky, and this makes it ideal for backpacking.
  • The vent allows air to flow nicely through the tent.


  • No serious cons are associated with this product. Only one buyer had issues with the tent, said it started ripping right out of the package.

Sundome 4 Person Tent 


Certain, there might be far better cool tents for camping out there in this dimension, however they come at a more challenging to pay cost. That being claimed, if you are looking for an outdoor tents that will certainly see hefty usage throughout the year, like camping every weekend break or for weeks at a time usage, you could be far better off getting a much more costly, far better developed outdoor tents.

With 2 individuals there is adequate space to establish up a queen dimension inflatable cushion, and also still have area for added equipment you might desire to keep in the camping tent with you.

The storage space bags for the posts and as well as the camping tent are all excellent. With the zipper open it is simple to fit the camping tent, and posts back in.

The rainfall fly appears to function well on this Sundome 4 Person Tent.

This outdoor tent is an excellent camping tent with some cool attributes. It will certainly be excellent for light to medium task usage, however is not a hefty obligation type of tent.

It appears excellent for light to moderate use, and can fit 2 grown people with another child and still have some free room to move around. This tent does not look it will hold up in severe settings, like major wind or extreme weather like hailstorms and so on.

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent – The Best Family Camping Tent


This family camping tent, like the title says, can fit 8 people in it. It’s certainly big enough for a family. Also this one looks like it can’t take a lot of rainfall around the rainfly, so watch out if its pouring and it begins to collect on your tent. Let’s begin with 1 things we didn’t like about this tent, one is that the doors provided aren’t enough, for an 8 person tent, there should be more than one door.

Now for the facts: The Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon camping tent is a roomy, water-proof sturdy as well as budget-friendly. It is additionally perfect for the family members due to the fact that it could be split right into different spaces with a whole lot of personal privacy. This hefty obligation household camping tent has well-ventilated insides and also water-proof outsides to provide you optimal convenience.

The Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent does incredibly well in different climate problems. Since of its dimension, this camping tent is a prominent selection. The outdoor tents structure is made with solid shock corded fiberglass posts that could hold up against gusty winds. The camping tent is a sizable, water-proof long lasting as well as cost effective, essential functional household camping tent. This hefty household outdoor tents has well-ventilated insides as well as mostly water-proof outsides to supply you with durability. Due to the fact that of its dimension, this outdoor tents is a preferred selection for people with families, large families also should look into this as well.

Wenzel Vortex 4 Tent – The Best Rated Air Tent


We promised you an air tent in the introduction, well, after hard looking; this is definitely one of the better ones out there.

Take the battle out of outdoor tents configuration, the Wenzel Vortex 4 outdoor tent inspires additional simplicity, establish camp and become the emperor of the grounds you choose to set up, just kidding, but for some reason air tents remind me of bouncy castles.

One mesh zippered home window in the door, 2 on the sides of the outdoor tent as well as a hooded duct on the back of the outdoor tents for exceptional airflow. Air pump, storage space pockets, also storage space bags included. Two Convenience Pockets Inside. Vents At the back of the tent for improved air pump, and storage space bags included.

This one is more suitable for friends and family, and it can hold up pretty well in a storm. Most people won’t go camping in a storm, but just as additional info, it’s good to know it won’t be blown away in case of a storm.

Therefore, you can pump up your tent instead of wasting time with rods if that is not your thing, also, it’s an air tent so it has a fun element to it.

Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent


Quite Spacious to start it off.

This one has adequate area to fit 2 grown-up. Chairs can fit pleasantly.

This is solid, and sufficient to protect from rainfall, wind, along with the severe warmth of the sunlight. It folds up to a comfy fold up.

The sunlight security it provides goes to the very least as much as a 50 SPF and also potentially past. You might fit 3 to 4 juniors in right here.

The structure is made from a lightweight fiberglass and also the product is an eco-light-weight and also pleasant, however long lasting artificial textile.

Light-weight but not flimsy!

There is a few windows in it to permit an enjoyable air flow and also pockets in the inside to place belongings.

Regardless of being lightweight, it is not actually as lightweight as all that and also could hold up against a reasonable little bit of being blown around. Wind, rainfall, sandstorms and more that frequent beaches as this is primarily a beach tent.

At a cheap price for a tool sized 2 individual camping tent, there are absolutely more affordable camping tents offered, but for the cash, this one is great for its low price.

We cannot assure that it will repel sand, which might come right into the tent.

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent


From start, the first thing that you notice about the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is how big and comfortable it is. I mean it. It is one of the biggest family camping tents we can find today.

It measures 16 x 6.5 x 11 feet and weighs 27.3 pounds. Although it is not the lightest of the camping tents out there, it is really easy to carry around when unarmed.

Being a family tent from the start, most of you will be thrilled to know that his camping tent has two separate rooms. It like having a small house outdoors. It has a standard indoor room similar to every other tent we are used to, and a second area that can work both as a sun room or second sleeping room.

Your camping nights will be very pleasant with this camping tent with mosquito net cover. The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is the best 8 person tent if you are on a budget. It will usually cost you under $200 and I can promise you that it will feel like you paid much more for it due to its build quality.

Setting it up shouldn`t take you more than 20 minutes, even on your first attempt. It is very durable and on those windy nights, you will feel very safe on this camping tent as it won`t move if you raise it up correctly.

Coleman Evanston Screened Tent


The Coleman Evanston Screened Tent is one of those easy set up tents that will make your camping experience much better. There aren`t many 6 person tents for sale that will cost you this little giving you that much comfort.

There are many 6 man tent reviews that include the Coleman Evaston Screened tent as their top recommended camping tent and it is due mainly because of one reason: Its fully screened front porch keeps the bugs out. There is nothing like a good night of sleep while camping. 

You can easily fit six people in this camping tent or even two queen airbeds due to its imense internal space.

The Coleman Evaston Tent is really easy to set up and takedown, which makes it a perfect camping tent for hikers. Within minutes you are ready to sleep within your spacious tent.

Another great feature of this camping tent is that it has four large windows that allow an great airflow within the tent, making everyone inside really comfortable and not at all crowded when you have 6 people inside. It is also made so you will always be dry inside in case of rain.

We highly recommend you to take a look at the Coleman Evanston Screened Tent as this is definitely one of the best rated family tents available on the market today.

Semoo Water Resistant D-Style Door, 4-Person Camping/Traveling Family Dome Tent


The Semoo Dome tent is one of our favorite camping tents. It is one of the best on the easy set up tents category. It maybe the easiest camping tent to set up we can find today. If you are on a hiking and camping type of experience, this can be a life and time saver. You can literally set this tent up within minutes.

The Semoo 4-Person Family Dome Tent is a really comfortable and spacious 4 person tent. It is made of a durable polyester coating that will keep every ocuppant safe and dry.

This 4 person camping tent has a nice D-style door that provides easy access to its interior. It also features large mesh window panels that provides both a nice ventilation so everyone inside can be comfortable, but also safe against insects and bugs. This best 4 man tent has high strength fiberglass frames that provide stability and a hooped fly frame for improved weather protection. You won`t have to worry about heavy winds or heavy rain on this camping tent.

Another thing that we love about the Semoo 4-Person Family Tent is that while being a easy up camping tent, it also is really easy to dissemble and carry around on its own carry bag that comes within its package.

Finally, if you are interested on the Semoo Water Resistant Tent, its dimensions are 92.5″ L x 96.5″ W x 55″ H. More than enough to fit 4 people confortably.

CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent


While the The Semoo Dome tent is one of the best on the easy set up tents category, the CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin is the king on this category. It is also one of the best family tents for sale we found on Amazon.

You can fit 6 person confortably (and two queen air mattresses) on the Core 6 Instant Cabin Tent but the greastest thing about this tent is that you can set it up in under 2 minutes. The manufacturer even claims that you can easily set it up within 60 seconds. This is due the fact that the CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent has its poles pre-attached to the tent. You literally just have to unpack it, unfold it and extend it. Done. You have a nice 6 person camping tent ready to go.

Another thing that also love about this camping tent is that although you can find cheap tents for camping, the CORE 6 Person Instant Tent is not too expensive for what it offers. For under $200 you get a well built camping tent with waterproof fabrics.

It also has a fully-taped rain fly what is removable. A nice feature to have when camping on warm wheather for better comfort.

The CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent also includes zippered privacy panels on doors and windows and a included gear lof so you can better organize you camping gear within the tent.

Every 6 person tent reviews we found so far include the CORE 6 camping tent as their top rated camping tent and it is no mistake. We love this camping tent.

Sundome 3 Person Tent


We covered a lot of family camping tents on our reviews so we decided it is time to go to a smaller tent aswell.

The Sundome 3 Person Tent is one of the best camping tents of 2017 if your camping in couple. We know it is recommended for 3 person, but we can all agree that 2 person will fit way more comfortably in there.

The internal space on the Sundome 3 Tent is great. It is definitely not one of the extra large camping tents available for sale today but you have plenty of internal space. You can easily fit a queen size air mattress in there and still have room for your camping and hiking gear.

You get 2 windows on this camping tent for extra ventilation so you won`t fell unconfortable on hot wheather. Also, zippers on this tent are water-proof making it up to 33% more water-resistant than a standard Coleman camping tent.

The tent is light, easy to pack, easy tent to set up and it is made by one of the best camping tent brands, Coleman.

The Sundome 3 Person Tent is really good and it won`t hurt your wallet. It is also very durable and can last for many years.

If you are looking for coleman tents on sale, we recommend you to give the Sundome 3 Person Tent a look.

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent


This one is by far the most expensive camping tent on our list, but it is worthy every cent paid for it.

The Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent is made of a premium 100% cotton duck canvas. It`s silicone dry-finish treatment make the camping tent water-proof at the same time it makes its interior comfortable for all the 8 occupants it can handle.

This all-season camping tent is a great option for family camping. It is one of the best family camping tents on the market today. While big and robust, the Kodiak Canvas 8-Person Camping tent is also an easy tent to set up. It can handle up to 8 person sleeping inside the tent at the same time but a single person can set this tent up without too many efforts.

The ceiling height of this camping tent is 6 feet 6 inches which means that even the tallest person on the family can still get comfortable on this tent. It weighs 79 pounds which is not that much if you think how big and well-built this camping tent is.

Kodiak Canvas is so confident that their camping tent is one of the best you can find, that they are one of the few manufacturers that will give you life-time warranty on your camping tent. If you can afford this great camping tent, you won`t regret it. It is not a cheap camping tent for sale, this is a fact. But it is worthy of your hard earned money. Hardcore campers will definitely love the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent.

Coleman Pop-Up Tent


The Coleman Pop-Up Tent is one camping tent we love. We always recommend this tent if you are hiking.

This tent can fit up to two people, even though we recommend this more as a 1 person tent. You can fit a couple inside this camping pop-up tent but it will be way more comfortable if you are using this as an individual camping tent.

Its water-proof fabric will be of great value when camping outdoors.

But the best feature about this camping tent is what the name says. It is a pop up tent, so it basically assembles itself. The set up process takes only a few seconds and you are good to go. The same thing when you are leaving, you can put the Coleman Pop-Up Tent back to its case within seconds.

The camping Pop-Up Tent is lightweight and easy to carry around. This is a great tent for hikers.

This camping tent from Coleman has a great unique design and will cost you less than $100. It is a great deal.

The Coleman Pop-Up Tent is also available in a bigger 4-person tent version that will cost you less than $200 and will get you much more room, making it even more comfortable.

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