Best Sushi Knifes Review 2017 – Picking the Perfect Sushi Knife for Your Kitchen!

We live in an age where you can prepare exotic cuisine from all over the world without having to leave your home. One of the foods we now have the ability to prepare at home is sushi! There are some people who think that sushi is raw fish and it is not, there are some types of sushi like sashimi that have raw fish but the majority of sushi has a common element and that its rolled up in a sphere for easy eating. In order to prepare sushi properly you are going to need the best sushi knife and we are going to take the next couple of minutes to review all of the different knives that are available before you can make a decision, don’t worry though the process is going to be pain free so you have nothing to worry about.

Benefits of Eating Sushi

It would be a disservice to you if we talked about making sushi without first explaining to you the health benefits that come from eating it. One of the primary benefits is the food is not processed with any oils that are high in trans-fats which is very common in the fast foods we are all familiar with. You could eat a large number of sushi and not have to worry about gaining weight provided you lead a somewhat active lifestyle. Without sounding discriminatory the Japanese people tend to be very lean and slender, one of the reasons they are built this way aside from their genetic profile is the food they eat and a portion of that includes sushi.

  • Sushi is a great finger food even though most eat it with chopsticks. If you are looking for a great picnic food or want to prepare something that your children would really enjoy and “play with” then you could offer them sushi.
  • You have total control over what goes into your sushi. If you are concerned about the food you or your children are eating, When preparing sushi you will have complete control over what you and your family are eating which should give you peace of mind.
  • Preparing sushi can be a great family activity, we all lead busy lives and do not have the time to sit down and prepare a complete meal on our own. By getting everyone in the family together and working on the sushi it is a way to take care of an important task (eating) while bonding at the same time.
  • Opens your mind to new things. One of the worst things that we can do as people as become complacent or scared to try new things, by experimenting with sushi at home you will be able to develop interesting combinations that will surely please your taste-buds.
  • By learning how to make sushi you could turn it into a career for yourself or your children. Asian inspired food has become very popular. Items like butter chicken and sushi have revolutionized the world so you could actually turn your appreciation of sushi into a career but you have to first start working on your skills by experimenting at home. While your children are preset they to will develop their own cooking abilities and perhaps that will lead them to a rewarding career as well, you will never know until you try.

Types of Sushi

There is no way we could cover all of the different types of sushi that are available out there, reason being there are new versions being developed everyday so instead we are going to focus on some of the most common types so you have a point of reference.

  • Nigiri is the traditional form of sushi since it consists of a sliced piece of fish on top of rice, it was sold in Japan nearly two centuries ago so it has a well established track record.
  • Maki is sushi but what makes this stand out from the other types is that the rice and whatever other ingredients are used will be wrapped inside Nori seaweed.
  • Chirashi is a type of sushi where the rice and fish are served inside of a bowl. This one is not as common as the first two but you should be aware of it.

Intricacies of Making Sushi

This is something that we will need to spend a little bit of time covering. In order to prepare sushi the chef will need to have a considerable amount of experience and the right sushi knife. The perfect sushi knives being use by the chef are going to have a dramatic impact on both the appearance and taste of the sushi.

When selecting ingredients for the sushi the chef is focused primarily on the freshness of the ingredients, the fresher the fish and other ingredients the better the taste. This simple concept is one of the reasons that sushi has one of the most distinctive tastes out there but along with the ingredient the chef has to find the right knives to work with.

There are many different knives that the sushi chef will need to draw upon when doing their prep work. One of the most important things is that the knife remain sharp even when used for prolonged periods of time. If the blade becomes dull it will not properly cut the sushi or fish which will lead to presentation and taste issues.  What the chef will need to do is assess the sushi knives based on a few important qualities starting with the following.

  • Strength of the steel. This is a fairly important quality since there are some cheap sushi knifes available in the market that do not have the strength and durability needed to handle the challenges of preparing sushi. What the majority of sushi chefs will do is focus on the type of steel and whether it has been treated to handle the rigors that it will go through.
  • Aeration of the blade is another important consideration. One of the common challenges that all sushi chefs encounter is having their sushi knife get stuck on a piece of fish, if the blade is properly aerated then it should reduce the total amount of friction the knife is exposed to. This reduced friction helps eliminate the risk of having the blade getting stuck.
  • The handle a good sushi knife is another important component. If the handle is not properly designed then it will cause fatigue which can lead to injuries so it is something to be taken seriously. If the knife and handle are properly made and balanced then the sushi chef should have no problems using the blade for an extended period of time.

Now that we have covered some of the aspects and benefits of sushi we are going to take a look at the different sushi knives that are currently available. By the time you reach the end of our discussion you will know which best sushi knive is going to be the right one for you. Check out our best sushi knife reviews!

Top Rated Sushi Knifes Reviews 2017:

Non Stick Sushi Knife – 8 inch Stainless Steel Non Stick Multipurpose Chef Knife by Kitchen + Home

This is the first japanese sushi knife on our list but something we have to mention before diving into the deep end of our conversation is the order these knives come in does not represent their suitability or popularity, it is just luck of the draw. Now that we have that little disclaimer out of the way we can start  reviewing this knife made by Kitchen Home. This blade comes with the following features.


  • The Non Stick Sushi Knife has a non-stick surface so you do not have to worry about the knife getting stuck even when the rice inside your sushi is warm which does happen more often than you think.
  • Blade is areated which makes it lighter without having to compromise the strength of the metal. This feature is very helpful when you are in a situation where you have to cut a large amount of sushi. Heavy blades tend to cause muscle fatigue and if you were using the knife for a long time it would make you feel really tired.
  • Blade is dishwasher safe so after you have finished using it you can put it to wash without having to scrub it by hand. Something to keep in mind is when putting the knife in the dishwasher is to make sure the blade is facing down and away from your hands just to be extra safe.


  • The blade of this sushi knife is 8 inches in length, which may be too long for some individuals who are just learning how to prepare sushi for the first time.

Happy Sales HSSR400 Japanese Long Sashimi Sushi Knife, 210mm


  • This is one of the top rated sushi knifes and it is made in Japan. The Japanese people are known for making some of the best quality items in the world and that includes their knives.
  • Blade is long and slender so it can easily cut through fish and sushi without much resistance.


  • Blade is specifically made for individuals who are right handed so if you are a “lefty” then this is not the sushi knife for left-handed.

Ewei’s HomeWares 8″ Non-Stick Sushi Chef’s Knife With Sheath, Black, Advantage, Ergonomic Handle, High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife


  • Blade made with molybdenum vanadium steel 5CR15MOV, this metal is used in high quality knives and surgical instruments.
  • No need to sharpen the knife throughout the lifetime you own it plus it is non-stick so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck when you are cutting sushi.
  • Hand-wash recommended. Something that you should be aware of is given the high quality metal being used you should hand wash it just to make sure it is properly cleaned.
  • Blade is fully aerated which reduces friction and makes it easier to cut through the sushi without having to use much force.
  • Affordable price when you look at the full range of features that are available.


  • Only possible con associated with the blade is the hand-washing but most people do not mind having to do that to enjoy the benefits associated with this blade.

Sekizo Yanagiba Sashimi Knife 240mm


  • Made in Japan and is a perfect knife for sashimi and cutting raw fish.


  • Very light but sharp so you need to respect the blade or you could cut through your food more quickly than desired.


Hiroshi Nakamoto Premium Sushi and Sashimi Chefs Knife, High Carbon Steel and Stain Resistant Blade with a Beech Wood Handle, 6.5 Inch Blade


  • Six and a half inch blade which is perfect when you are looking for a multipurpose sushi knife.
  • Made out of carbon steel which is incredibly strong and will hold an edge for a very long time. Unless you plan on cutting steel with the blade you shouldn’t have to sharpen it often.
  • Very light handle so your hands will not get tired even if you have to cut hundreds of sushi in a single sitting.


  • Given the profile of this knife it would not be suitable for children to handle.



Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife, 8 1/4-Inch


  • This japanese fish knife is made in Japan so we know it is going to be high quality.
  • High carbon steel makes the knife very durable and won’t become dull easily.
  • This sushi chef knife is dishwasher safe but the manufacturer recommends hand washing.
  • Ideal Sushi Knife when trying to thinly slice different fish.


  • This blade is designed primarily for slicing fish into thin slivers so it would augment your current collection of sushi knives.

Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Yanagi Sashimi Knife


  • This Sashimi Knife`s blade is made from stain resistant, high quality German steel.
  • Razor sharp and should maintain the edge for your entire lifetime.
  • Comes with a traditional “D” handle so it will feel comfortable in your hands.


  • Knife is very limited in the range of cutting it can do, it is not what you would call versatile but it is great for slicing and dicing.

Happy Sales HSKN-3KN01, Set of 3 Japanese Sushi Chef Knives – Sashimi-Santoku-Nakiri Knife


  • This 3-in-1 sushi knife set should meet all of your sushi preparation needs.
  • Made in Japan you will have peace of mind knowing the knife can stand up to whatever you put it through.
  • High carbon steel that is designed to last for a prolonged period of time without needing to be sharpened.
  • Stain and rust resistant so you don’t have to worry about your food becoming contaminated.
  • Dishwasher safe so you will have no problems at all keeping it clean just be sure to focus on the blade otherwise you could end up cutting your hand.


  • The cost of these knives may be out of your budget but it is worth it if you are serious about making sushi.

Yoshihiro VG10 16 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Japanese Chefs Knife 8.25 in (Western style Mahogany Handle)


  • Perfect for entry level chefs, this affordable sushi knife is a great combination of form and function.
  • Blade is designed to reduce the total amount of friction you will experience. This means less hand fatigue and happier food preparation.
  • Has a high quality mahogany handle for easy use.


  • The cost of this sushi knife is typically more than what the average person is willing to spend but it is worth it if you are seriously thinking about taking your cooking skills to an entirely new level.


  • 9 and a half inches which should meet the majority if not all of your slicing and dicing needs with ease.
  • The best japanese sushi knife is constructed with super hard, high quality steel so it will maintain its edge no matter how many times you use it which will be a lot in the run of your life.
  • Dishwasher safe but the manufacturer highly recommends hand washing it and leaving it air dry given the high quality steel being used.
  • Handle is made with high quality, elegant wood that will rest easy inside the palm of your hand. The benefit of this is you will be able to cut without ever having to worry about tired hands.


  • Given the high quality of this blade it is expected to pay a premium for it and the price is a little on the high side. The net benefit though is you are going to be getting a superior knife so think of it as a longer term investment.

We have reviewed a large number of different sushi knives and hopefully you have found one that is going to help make your entire cooking experience a more pleasant one. Just a refresher on the qualities you have to look for when you want to buy a sushi knife so you are going to get the best possible results and experience.

  • High quality blade. The blade needs to stay sharp for a really long time. If you have to sharpen the blade often it reduces the total amount of time you have to cook which can be a hassle.
  • Blade has non-stick qualities, when cutting through sushi you don’t want the blade to stick half way through leading to a situation where your blade is caught in the rice and it makes a mess everywhere.
  • A great Sushi Knife should be balanced. If it is too heavy your hands will become tired after only using the blade for a few minutes and if the blade is too light you will have to lean really hard into the sushi which is always inconvenient to say the least.
  • Even though japanese kitchen knives are recommended for when you are making sushi, there are non specific to sushi knifes like the wusthof knifes that will work fine when cutting sushi.

If you have followed this outline and the sushi knife review that we have completed then you should be able to make the right decision and truly take your sushi skills to an entirely new level, but, if you haven`t found yet the best sushi knife in the world, you can check our friends at They offer lots of options from a expensive sushi knife to a cheap sushi knife.

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